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Don’t Let Your Jawbone Disappear

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Reverse Bone Loss with Bone Grafting

Your jawbone is the foundation of your smile. If you lose teeth, the bone underneath loses the regular stimulation the roots provide during chewing. As a result, the bone can begin to recede, and other teeth may also come loose. Eventually, your face takes on a sunken, unhealthy look. You start to restrict your diet to soft foods, possibly giving up many of your favorite dishes. Whether your jawbone hasn’t yet begun to recede or has deteriorated significantly, Dr. TJ Ameredes and the rest of our highly skilled team here at Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates can protect your dental function and distinctive facial appearance with bone grafting in Pittsburgh and Oakdale, PA.

Prepare for Dental Implants

During the bone grafting procedure, we place a small portion of bone material into the area where your jawbone has decayed, packing it around an implant post, if applicable. That bone graft material will slowly solidify as it fuses together with the existing bone, reestablishing your jaw’s volume and strength. We’ll then be able to replace your lost teeth. Empowered by dentists with comprehensive training in all aspects of dental care, we can provide smile restoration services, from bone grafting to placing and restoring full mouth dental implants, all here in one convenient location.

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Our Bone Grafting Services

Sinus Lift

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If you suffer bone loss in your upper jaw, you may encounter a complication that doesn’t develop in your lower jawbone. Your upper jawbone helps support your sinus cavities. If that bone shrinks away the sinus floor can collapse into the empty space left behind. We can reverse this complication with a sinus lift, during which we carefully elevate the sinus floor and place bone graft material underneath it to put it back into its proper position.

Ridge Augmentation

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When you lose teeth and jawbone mass your face can lose its characteristic appearance. During ridge augmentation we reshape and reconstruct the jawbone with bone graft material, giving you back your familiar facial aesthetics and structure.

Protect the foundation of your smile!

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