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Tooth Hurting or Going Bad?

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A rotten or broken tooth can often be fixed by clearing away the infection and putting in a filling and/or by placing a new crown on the tooth. At Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates we always try to resolve pain and structural problems with one of these or similar solutions. However, in some instances these issues may not be treatable. Using our in-house cone beam CT scanner, we can get a full picture of what’s happening inside your teeth and your jawbone and confirm whether an extraction is necessary. Whatever the case, we’ll always recommend the best course of treatment for your problem tooth, up to and including gentle tooth extraction in Oakdale, PA.

Reasons You May Need Tooth Extractions

Our Extraction Services

Standard Tooth Extractions
We start the extraction process for most teeth by administering anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Typically, we use a pair of forceps to loosen and carefully pull the tooth free from the socket. We’ll then recommend a suitable tooth replacement option to maintain your dental health, function, and aesthetics.
Wisdom Tooth Extractions
Wisdom teeth typically erupt through our gums by the time we reach our early 20s. If they fail to erupt or don’t come fully through the gums, they’re what we call impacted wisdom teeth. These teeth can jeopardize healthy adjacent teeth by pressing against them, sometimes causing misalignment. Their odd angles can also make them difficult to clean, making decay more likely. If your wisdom teeth are causing overcrowding or discomfort in your mouth, we will remove them. For wisdom tooth removal we make you comfortable with anesthesia before opening your gums and extracting the teeth, either whole or in sections. This is a somewhat more complex oral surgery procedure that not all general dental practices are able to provide! Wisdom teeth never need to be replaced, so once you’ve had them all removed and have completely healed you’ll never have problems from them again.

Post-Extraction Care Is Key

Smooth healing after a tooth extraction requires a little special attention from you. As part of the normal healing process, a blood clot usually forms in a newly empty tooth socket. If this doesn’t happen, or if the clot gets dislodged, you can experience dry socket, a painful condition in which the nerves and bone in an extraction site become exposed. To avoid this complication, be sure to follow all of the aftercare instructions we give you.

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