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Don’t Let Damaged Teeth Deter You

When you have a tooth that’s damaged or weakened, the Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates team may be able to strengthen it rather than extract it. If the tooth’s roots and interior are still healthy then the tooth is worth saving. We just may need to restore the outer portion. If you’ve got chipped teeth, cracked teeth, or broken teeth, we can make your smile whole and fully functional again with dental bridges and dental crowns in Pittsburgh, PA and Oakdale. Dental crowns and bridges not only reestablish the look and function of your teeth, they give you back your self-confidence. Our dentists have been helping patients reclaim confident smiles for more than 38 combined years!

To create your crowns and bridges, we make digital impressions of your teeth in their present state using our intraoral scanner—no sticky putty required.

 While some may be damaged or missing, this still enables us to create temporary restorations for you to wear home and have permanent ones milled for your next visit. We’ll trim enamel from your teeth to enable your new restorations to fit on top of or between your existing teeth. To preserve your smile aesthetics and your facial aesthetics, we offer restorations in a shade that complements your existing teeth and skin tone. When you return, we’ll place your new restorations, making sure you feel comfortable and your bite feels completely natural.

Though crowns and bridges are similar, there are also some fundamental differences that you should know about.

What Are Dental Bridges?

We also use dental bridges to replace the visible portion of your tooth. These are made up of at least three crowns connected in a row and either fill in gaps of multiple teeth or restore a single crown between two existing healthy teeth. We attach bridges to the healthy teeth or dental implants at each end of the bridge, creating a bridge over the area where you’re missing teeth. You might need dental bridges if:


dental bridge model
dental bridge model

What Are Dental Crowns?

Our team uses dental crowns to replace the portion of your tooth that’s visible above the roots. Made to restore natural teeth or dental implants, these are made of porcelain or other durable, glossy materials that give them the look and function of natural tooth enamel. With crowns, you can do everything that you’d do with your original healthy teeth. You might need dental crowns if:

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