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The Meaning of Modern Dental Treatment

Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates is more than a name—it’s a promise. Beyond extensive experience and comprehensive dental services, we also have a full complement of in-house advanced dental technology to offer faster, safer, more precise, and more comfortable treatment to you. Minimally invasive laser technology? Precise 3D imaging? Compact intraoral camera? We’ve got it all here at your home for advanced dental technology in Oakdale, PA and the greater Pittsburgh metro areas.

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Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

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Our Advanced Dental Technology

Cone Beam Scanner (CBCT)
CBCT is a specialized imaging machine that gives us a more comprehensive view beneath your teeth and jawbone than is possible with basic x-rays. Operating with a fraction of the radiation output of the CT equipment found in many dental and medical facilities, CBCT enables us to capture 3D, 360-degree images that we can use to plan out procedures like dental implant placement. Imaging takes mere seconds and is completely comfortable and noninvasive.
Intraoral Camera
Have you ever wanted to see what we see? A compact handheld device about the size of an electric toothbrush, our intraoral camera gives us a close-up, high-resolution view inside your mouth in real time, enabling us to quickly identify any visible dental health issues. The device also allows us to show you what we’re seeing, so we can better explain your condition and proposed treatment plan to you.
Intraoral Scanner
Dental implants and other treatments require you to have dental impressions taken—one of the aspects of dental visits some patients dread. If you’ve ever bitten into a glob of sticky, unpleasant putty at a dentist’s office you understand what we mean. Our intraoral scanner puts an end to that. This compact device allows us to capture digital dental impressions by simply running a wand across your teeth. A full mouth scan may take less than a minute!
Laser Dentistry
With our in-house Laser technology we regularly perform ultra-precise soft tissue procedures with minimal pain, bleeding, or inflammation. We harness the power of a high-intensity beam of light to reshape and disinfect soft tissues or remove diseased or obstructive tissues. No scalpels needed!
Implant Planning
Our dental implant placement process goes much faster and more effortlessly and yields more predictable results due to our guided implant surgery technology. We plan out the procedure in advance and then have customized surgical guides created for you by Lintec. We put these over your gums during the subsequent placement process and then insert implants into your jaw at the precise location, angle, and depth for maximum stability and long-term security.
VELscope is a compact handheld tool that empowers us to identify conditions ranging from dental decay to serious concerns such as oral cancer, even if you have no visible symptoms. VELscope reveals problems via a special blue light, so you won’t experience any discomfort while we’re using it on you.

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