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Tired of that Toothache?

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Avoid Extractions With a Root Canal

Persistent tooth sensitivity while eating or drinking something hot or cold. Severe pain when biting or chewing. Swollen gums around a painful tooth. A toothache is usually a sign that infection has damaged the pulp inside your tooth root. This can be due to trauma or extensive decay that has reached the inside of the tooth. Untreated, the infection will continue to cause tooth pain, can lead to a tooth abscess, and may eventually require the tooth to be extracted altogether.

If you’re experiencing any obvious symptoms such as tooth pain in Oakdale, PA, our team has a solution! Dr. TJ Ameredes is trained and experienced in root canals, which treat the dangerous infection and inflammation inside your tooth. Don’t let exaggerated stories about this procedure make you reluctant to seek treatment. We can comfortably eliminate your tooth pain and ultimately save your natural tooth with a root canal in Oakdale, PA! If you’ve already had a root canal and are experiencing problems, we can also provide endodontic retreatment to alleviate your discomfort.

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What a Root Canal Is Like

Your adult teeth don’t need the pulp inside their roots to remain strong and healthy. However, if the pulp becomes infected, this and the bacteria inside the canal must be removed to save your tooth. During a root canal procedure, we’ll first numb the treatment site with local anesthetic. You won’t feel any pain, though you may experience slight pressure during the procedure. Many patients compare our root canals to having a simple cavity filled!

We then remove a portion of your tooth crown to access the pulp chamber and clear out all the infection, bacteria, and damaged pulp and tissues. Next, we disinfect and clean the canals before filling them with a hardening material call gutta-percha. Finally, we seal the space to keep bacteria from reentering the chamber and root canal. You’ll likely need a dental crown to ensure your tooth remains strong and functional for the long term, because natural teeth can become brittle after root canal treatment.

Root Canal Stages

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Infected tooth and abcess

Tooth cleaned and shaped

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Root filling replaced

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Permanent filling or crown placed

Life After Root Canal Therapy

After your root canal procedure is complete, you’ll once again be able to live a comfortable and functional life free of tooth pain. We’ll provide all the necessary instructions to ensure that you have a quick and healthy recovery. Overall, you can expect to experience these benefits from treatment:

Don’t live with a painful toothache!

A root canal can save and soothe your tooth.