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Get Your Full Smile Back at Last!

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The Experience to Change Your Life

You don’t have to hide the fact that you no longer have teeth. You don’t have to eat only soft foods for the rest of your life. You can smile and laugh and not worry about whether someone else is judging the appearance of your teeth. Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates provides multiple ways to regain the look, function, and confidence of having a full set of teeth. A Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, our own Dr. TJ Ameredes has been practicing dentistry for more than 15 years. Alongside his associate, Dr. David Mascio, the Pittsburgh area implant team has placed and restored thousands of dental implants with lasting success. No team is better equipped to give you your life back with tooth replacement solutions like full arch dental implants in Oakdale, PA.

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Compare Our Full Mouth Solutions

Dentures are a time-tested and cost-effective way to regain your dental function. These go on top of your gums and stay in place through suction or with an adhesive cream. Upper dentures include a partial false palate, which can provide greater stability but may also limit your enjoyment of food. Implant supported dentures are anchored to dental implants that are surgically implanted in your jaw, so they remain securely in place. They allow you to eat most foods comfortably. In terms of durability, reliability, function, and appearance, full mouth dental implants in Pittsburgh, PA are the best overall teeth replacement option available. Here’s why, at a glance:

Last 5+ yearsLast 10+ yearsLast decades
May require adhesivesSecured by 2+ implantsSecured by 4+ implants
Allow bone recessionLimit bone recessionPrevent bone recession
Limit food choicesExpand food choicesNo dietary limitations

Dr. Ameredes Explains How You Can Eat the Food That You Want Again with a Full Arch of Teeth

Your Three-Step Smile Transformation

Step 1: Your Personalized Consultation & Planning
We’ll confirm your eligibility for full arch dental implants with an individualized consultation. During this visit the doctor will discuss your smile goals in detail and perform a comprehensive dental exam. With our low-radiation cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner, we can capture 3D x-ray images that reveal the full extent of your tooth and jawbone loss. Using all the information we gather, we’ll develop a treatment plan that matches your needs. An important element of the planning process is guided implant surgery technology, which enables us to plan for a highly precise placement procedure. This includes getting the specifications of your mouth so that we can have customized surgical guides fabricated. These are templates that empower us to place your implant guide holes at exactly the optimal position. Your customized surgical guides will be ready for you at your next appointment.
Step 2: Your 90-Minute Implant Placement & Restoration
When you return for your placement procedure, we’ll first make you comfortable with one of our sedation dentistry. That way you can stay calm and pain-free throughout the procedure. We’ll then complete any preparatory treatments you may need, such as bone grafting to rebuild your jawbone after recession has started or tooth extractions After those treatments, we’ll begin the actual implant placement by putting your customized surgical guides on your gums. Pre-positioned holes in the guide show us exactly where your implants should go. We then insert high-quality screw-like implants into your jawbone. These will act as roots for your replacement teeth. Depending upon your treatment plan, we can then provide provisional restorations that will enable you to eat and smile with a temporary set of teeth as your implant sites heal. The entire process, if no preparatory treatments are needed, takes about 90 minutes!
Step 3: Your Smile & Life Fully Restored
Following placement of full mouth dental implants, you should expect the healing process to last at least three months. During that time, your implants will permanently fuse with your jawbone. Once that has happened, you’ll come back to us for your final restorations. Since many other dentists refer you to a separate provider for your restorations, this makes the process simpler and more convenient for you here at Advanced Dentistry. With your new teeth in place, you can eat, speak, smile, and laugh again with total confidence—and really enjoy life to the fullest!
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Financing Makes Your Renewed Smile Possible

Dental implants will transform how you look and how you feel about yourself. To help you enjoy those benefits, we accept various dental insurance plans as well as offer flexible third-party and in-house financing. We’ll work with you to make full mouth dental implants in Oakdale, PA affordable for you!

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