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Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates provides all of the fundamental dental services needed to put a healthy, happy smile on your face for years to come. Count on us for routine care and, when needed, emergency dentistry services. We’re equipped with the training, experience, and technology to offer comprehensive treatment to your entire family in one convenient location. Don’t look any further—you’ve found your home for skilled, compassionate general dentistry in Oakdale, PA.

Select General Dentistry Treatments

Preventive Dentistry
Part of the mission of general dentists is to prevent you from developing dental problems in the first place. We achieve this by providing regular checkups and exams, professional cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, dental hygiene instruction, and other important services. Advanced technology tools such as our intraoral camera and VELscope® help us identify potential issues during exams. If we need a broader perspective, our cone beam CT scanner gives us 3D, 360-degree x-ray images of your mouth. Take good care of your teeth and you may never need more complex dental treatments!
Pediatric Dentistry
As dental professionals and as parents, we recognize that the youngest members of your family may require special attention in the dental office setting. Unfamiliar faces, sights, and sounds can frighten some. Rest assured, we take the gentle, reassuring approach kids need to feel secure when receiving dental care. We provide treatment for children ages two and up. This includes frenectomies for obstructive mouth tissues that can cause nutritional and speech difficulties in young people. With our soft tissue laser, we’re able to remove these tissues without sharp instruments.
Root Canals
Sometimes a severely infected tooth doesn’t have to be extracted. If the decay is in the tooth’s roots, we may be able to preserve the tooth by performing a root canal. During this treatment, we remove all of the tooth’s living and infected tissue from the pulp chamber, disinfect the area, then put a special kind of dental filling inside that’s only used for root canals. To make sure the tooth stays strong for the long term, we usually put a new crown on it following a root canal.
Cosmetic Dentistry
The aim of dentistry is, in part, to make your teeth healthy and comfortable. The other key part is making them look good. With a broad selection of cosmetic dentistry services, we can literally put a flattering new surface on flawed, make them several shades brighter, align your smile discreetly, and fill smile gaps of any size!
Tooth Extractions
When your tooth is irreparably damaged or untreatably infected, or you have an impacted wisdom tooth, extraction is often the best path to relief and health. With a full spectrum of sedation dentistry options available to us, you can count on us for fast, gentle, precise tooth extractions
Often tooth pain occurs because a cavity has developed inside the tooth due to decay. When this happens, we can clear out the decay completely and put a filling in the empty space to reinforce the tooth. To preserve your smile aesthetics, we’ll provide tooth-colored fillings that don’t show through the tooth enamel. No one will know you ever had a cavity!

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