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Gentle Laser-Based Care for the Entire Family

Your gums benefit just as much as your teeth from regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings. If bacteria begin to accumulate on them, your gums can become red and swollen. That’s just the first step in a condition that can become incurable and may involve tooth and jawbone loss. In some cases, it may not be your gums’ health that concerns you but their aesthetics. You may also experience functional issues related to your oral soft tissues. If so, we can help–without scalpels or other invasive dental instruments. Equipped with minimally invasive, highly precise laser technology, and guided by a team of Pittsburgh area dentists with more than 38 combined years in practice, Advanced Dentistry Ameredes & Associates is your home for laser periodontics in Oakdale, PA.

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Laser Periodontics Services

With our soft tissue diode laser, which works using a concentrated beam of light, we can improve your smile by correcting a number of soft tissue-related conditions.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment
Whether for minor cases that need pocket reduction or advanced stages in need of surgery, we offer a laser alternative to reduce gum disease-causing bacteria and restore oral health. This laser enables us to instantaneously eliminate bacteria from your gums without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. When needed, we can also remove untreatable sections of diseased gum tissue.
Your frenula are the slender pieces of tissue that connect your upper lip to your upper gums and secure your tongue to the floor of your mouth. If your frenula are too short or too tight, you may be unable to eat or speak without difficulty. Using our dental laser, we can remove these tissues to give your lips and tongue full, natural freedom of movement. To ensure every member of your family can enjoy complete oral function, we offer frenectomies for children and adults alike.
Gum Recontouring
Have you ever felt like your teeth have too much gum coverage? That your tooth-to-gum ratio could be improved in favor of your teeth? That’s a condition known as a gummy smile, which may not be unhealthy, but may make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Using our laser, we can carefully trim away excess gum tissue, preserving the natural arched shape and uniform height of attractive gums. You’ll see immediate results!
Dental Implant Uncovering
After we place them, dental implants may take three or more months to fully fuse with your jawbone. With that healing process complete, you’ll be ready to receive your final restorations. If we didn’t provide you with temporary restorations, your gums will have covered up the implant insertion sites. We’ll use the laser to open up your gum tissue so that we can restore your dental implants, leaving you with a whole, beautiful smile.
Uncovering Unerupted Teeth
Sometimes young teeth fail to break fully through the gums and need some extra attention. We can remove obstructive gum tissue with our laser to allow those teeth to come in completely and permit normal dental function.

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